Acquisition of properties and businesses

Our team can provide you properties in Cyprus through a simple and fast process. Should you wish to acquire a flat, a house a villa or a commercial property the procedure is simple and can be done in  30 days from the day of signing the contracts.

Cyprus Citizenship and Residency programs require a direct investment in immovable property of Euro 500,000 plus VAT and Euro 300,000 plus VAT respectively.

Acquisition advice is available for all property types including housing, commercial, industrial, retail, investment, mixed-use developments and land acquisition. We evaluate your investment property intentions and advise you on the opportunities available, analyzing the costs and benefits for each option.


Through our extensive market knowledge and experience, we are able to source property  to meet your needs. Please note that some of these properties never reach the open market. Tutis Advisory Services Ltd provides a specialist service that meets all Governmental and regulatory requirements towards attaining a Cypriot  Citizenship or Permanent Local Residency. We offer clients impartial and unbiased advice for property acquisition, and attempt to remove the stress, involved risks and strain of searching for the right kind of property.

We will also advise upon the use of suitably qualified professionals if required. Our combined effort and truly personal approach will make a difference in the acquisition of the right property.

All acquisitions and disposals are dealt with at Director Level.

How can we support
    •  Property search, customized to clients' needs, including accompanying the client to the property
    • Investigation of whether the property has a title deed through the Land Registry 
    • Preparation of the contract for the acquisition of property
    • Opening of Bank accounts
    • Acquisition of immigration permits for the purchase of property in Cyprus
    • Transfer of the property to the nominated name as authorised by the purchaser
    • Assisting in Hotel Reservations etc
    • Setting up of direct debits for the automatic payment of Water, Electricity, Telephone bills.
    • Transfer of telephonye electricity, water and municipal bills to the buyer's name
    • Preparation of Power of Attorney if needed
    • After sale service


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