Legal Services

Tutis Advisory Services Ltd internal legal department, together with an extensive network of legal associates, offer the following services (the list is indicative and non-exhaustive):

Legal Advice in Cyprus?

We advise on all aspects of structuring and setting up your business

  • Company formation and administration services
  • Drafting of legal documents 
  • Provision of legal opinions 
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions 
  • Venture capital and real estate investments 
  • Litigation
  • Joint ventures
  • Competition law and other regulatory matters 
  • Conducting legal due diligence investigations
  • Guidance and advice to clients in relation to complex cross border commercial projects 
  • Escrow arrangements 
  • Re-organisations
  • Portfolio development and management of your intellectual Property assets
  • Set-up and/or licensing of companies, partnerships, trusts, Investment Firms, Payment Services Institutions, Private International Collective Investment Schemes and other investment and financial operations offered in the Republic of Cyprus 
  • Intellectual Property registrations and advice 
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